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Dual 22 kW AC Charging Station


  • High Power Dual Output

    Two industry-standard Type 2 sockets at 22 kW each.

  • RFID Authentification

    Customer identification via RFID smart card

  • Safe and Secure

    CE compliant, IP 54 protection

  • Built to Last

    Anti-vandalism system protects ports for easy maintenance and maximum uptime.

Fast Charging

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Product Description

The JuicePole is a dual socket AC charging station designed for frequent use. It delivers up to 22 kW per port and is compatible with all electric cars. Built to last and engineered to maximise uptime, it is ideally suited for shopping centres, business parks, apartment blocks, car parks and any organisation with electric vehicle charging needs.

  • Remote Control of Charging Process:
    Users have real time communication with control centre (EMM) via GPRS/UMTS.

  • Two charging sockets:
    This feature is capable of charging simultaneously.

  • User Interface:
    Customers are supported during charging and provided status.

  • Data Acquisiation and Transmission:
    Once the charging is completed, the control centre acquires the consumption data required.

  • Public or Private Access:
    JuicePole can be used at the roadside or in public areas, shopping centres, car parks, battery swapping stations, condominiums, courtyards, service stations.

  • Two locking systems:
    Charging process is protected from unauthorised disconnection.

Two Type 2 sockets capable to connect to 1- or 3-phase power line
Nominal Current
32 A
Nominal Voltage
230/400 V
Temperature Range
-30°C to +50°C
Relative Humidity
5% bis 95%
Max. Output Power
22 kW per socket simultaneously
Power Supply AC
2 MID certified smart meters
IP54 certified with coupler locking device
Anti-vandal system to protect the socket
Socket locking system to prevent unauthorised disconnection
Shell customisation: colours, stickers/film
GUI customisation: colours, language
IEC EN 61851-1, IEC, EN 62196-2

JuicePole is a complete two-port charging station compatible with any major EV on the road. It is the perfect solution for workplaces, fleet and charge point operators.

PDF (0.28 MB) Download
PDF (0.28 MB) Download