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Smart EV Charging Solutions

Boost the value of your multifamily property, apartment or condominium

Bringing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Apartments and Condominiums

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reports that more than 80% of EV charging is done at home. Offering EV charging at multi-unit dwellings provides property owners a unique way to:

  • Attract and incentivize tenants
  • Increase property value
  • Take advantage of EVSE incentives and stay ahead of regulation
  • Contribute to sustainability goals

Best-in-class smart charging solutions

Powerful EV charging

High output from 32A (7.7kW) up to 80A (19.2kW) can charge up to 13x faster than level 1 stations.

Smart charging features

Property admin dashboard allows managers to optimize charging to reduce monthly electricity costs.

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Make the smart EVSE investment

More and more EV owners are listing an EV charging station equipped parking spot as one of their main factors when deciding where to live. Don’t miss out on a potential tenant just because your building doesn't offer EV charging. The long-term benefits of a “smart” charger versus a “dumb” or non-networked charging station make this decision simple. Our smart EV charging solutions employ advanced algorithms and controls to make your EV charging greener and cheaper. Get plugged into the future of sustainable charging.


Dumb Charger

Smart Charger

Why it matters

Connected to WiFi
Prerequisite for all below features
Install Incentives
Lower Capex
Operator Dashboard
EVSE management and optimization (access control, pricing, maintenance, etc.)
Track Consumption
Lower Opex
Track Cost
Lower Opex
Driver Apps
Facilitate location, reservation, notification services, and support digital revenue
Load Balancing
Lower Opex
Grid Incentives
Lower Capex & Opex
Use incentives to acquire smart EV infrastructure at low or zero cost today. Check to see if you qualify for commercial EVSE incentives below.

Robust EVSE Asset Management Features

Maximize the ease and efficiency of operating EV assets

EVSE Asset Management

Configure and tailor user groups, and access options.

Energy Cost Optimization

Reduce operating costs by controlling and capping peak energy usage and optimizing charging times.

Robust Admin Dashboard

Access historical charging activity and real-time monitoring.

Detailed Reports

Charging data available for billing and monitoring.

Seamless Tenant Experience

Intuitive JuicePass app allows tenants to control and monitor their charging sessions

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Request EV Charging in My Apartment Building or Condominium

At Enel X it is our mission to forge a 100% clean and electrified future for all. If you’re an EV driver or wish to become one, and live in a multifamily building, click below to fill out our form to help us gather driver demand to demonstrate the need for an EV charging station installation in your building and community. Our commercial sales team will follow up with your property manager to gauge feasibility, level-of-interest, access to EVSE incentives, and more. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to months, but we’re here to help.