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#Environmental Impact

Learn more about the ways in which EVs and JuiceBox products help to support our environment and the impact you can have by switching to an EV today.

● Enel X and Uber team up to offer drivers who use the Uber platform access to 100% clean driving through Enel X’s new product, JuiceEco ● Through the partnership drivers will receive special savings on JuiceBox smart home chargers and free access...

Just a few short weeks ago, a report that Los Angeles is home to some of the cleanest air of any major city in the world would have seemed nearly impossible. However, against all odds and amidst mandatory lockdowns and shelter in place orders due...

Businesses today face increased scrutiny over sustainability and corporate social responsibility from both the media and consumers. Social media amplifies these effects, making it increasingly important for corporations not only to produce a...

Electric vehicle naysayers love to point out that EVs are powered by fossil-fuel powered plants in many places, and while this is true, the fact remains that electric vehicles still produce far fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions well-to-wheel...

We’re looking ahead to the future of smart grid EV charging. We envision a 2025 in which our pioneering JuiceNet EV virtual battery spans from coast to coast, providing real-time flexibility to the grid and helping drivers everywhere save on...