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#User Stories

Hear from JuiceBox owners all around the US on why they love their JuiceBox Home Charging Stations and hear about their experiences as EV owners.

Embracing an EV+PV lifestyle Guest post: Tim Edmonson, JuiceBox Pro 40 with JuiceNet Green Owner Greetings from 6,200 feet up here in Castle Rock, Colorado, county seat of Douglas County, situated about 30 miles south of Denver. It’s also...

Guest post: Marcus Pugh, JuiceBox Pro 40 Owner Greetings from Memphis, Tennessee. I am a proud owner of two electric vehicles and the JuiceBox Pro 40 level 2 smart charger. As someone who works in the liquid chemical transportation...

Hello, my name is Meredith. I live in New Jersey and use a JuiceBox Pro 40 to charge my all-electric BMW i3. When you’re shopping for an electric car, one thing you don’t always find out at the dealership is that you probably should buy a...

Hi, I am Ben P from New Jersey and I am an electroholic. I caught the bug from my lovely wife, Mary, when she decided that she was getting an electric car in late 2011. I resisted vehemently but ended up catching the electron fever. That is...

In today’s JuiceBox Owner’s Blog entry we’ll feature John from Florida. John’s a happy happy Chevy Bolt owner, and relatively new to electric cars. John realized that in order to get the most out of his Bolt, he needed to ditch the slow,...

Introducing JuiceBox user John Higham from California. John is an aerospace engineer and early adopter who’s been driving electric cars since 2012. John has used charging stations from a number of different manufacturers, but when it comes...