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Partnering with Leaders Across All Industries

Our JuiceNet IoT platform aggregates demand across thousands of JuiceNet-enabled EV charging stations

Utilities & Grid Operators

Enel X supports utilities and Independent System Operators (ISOs) by helping balance electricity supply and demand, deferring costly infrastructure upgrades and reducing energy procurement costs. Our JuiceNet IoT platform aggregates demand across thousands of JuiceNet-enabled EV charging stations.

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Automakers & EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) OEMs

Already controlling more EV load than any other charging network in North America, JuiceNet software is licensed by automakers and EV supply equipment (EVSE) OEMs alike. Provide state-of-the-art charging stations with co-branded or white-labeled JuiceNet-enabled devices to your customers.

Developers, Installers & Resellers

Today, roughly one in three EV drivers also own rooftop solar. By bundling our smart EV charging solutions with solar offerings, developers, installers and resellers are able to perform upgrades, increase customer value, and earn additional revenue. Join our reseller program today.

Technology & Platform Partners

Enel X partners with leading software and IoT platform providers to create the world’s most scalable, open, and intelligent network of grid-connected devices. Through our technical partnerships, we’re able to have greater industry impact and deliver unique customer solutions that drive a smarter, faster, more interoperable solutions forward.

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MUSH (Municipality, Universities, Schools, & Hospitals) Partners

Enel X partners with municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals to leverage local and national smart charging incentives. We can help you maximize your EVSE investment and reach your sustainability goals.

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Commercial Businesses

Enel X partners with municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals, and often helps match incentive funds with regional opportunities. Helping institutions maximize their EVSE investment is critical to scaling the industry sustainably.

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Retailers & Distributors

Enel X products are available at some of the world’s largest distributors, including online retail stores and local

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